Monday, December 31, 2012


28 December 2012

So far, I could say our relationship is getting stable. I could see him trying to change for the best. We are trying to understand each other better. Listening to his childhood stories is my favourite. I love how a naughty boy gone to a better man. My man!

Baby boy was half an hour late cause he fell asleep before came and pick me up. Didn't expect much since it was already late so I thought movie would be canceled . Just plainly a dinner I assumed.He drove to Paradigm  instead of the usual Summit. That was kindda surprise me but I act like normal sajer. hahaha.... Anyway, it was my first time went to Paradigm. ( I know I am outdated but it's ok.) Don't really like how the building looks like, still  prefer The Curve the most though.

We went to the cinema to buy movie tickets first before dinner. This time, he let me choose which movie I wanna watch. YAY!We always have different opinion when comes to choice of movie. I wanted to watch Les Miserable but baby said he might fall asleep. Ended up,we picked " Ah Boy Become Man ." (singaporean show)

Plan B for dinner. My second time dine here. Still in love with their toasties. Big portion and nice.

Turkey Ham & cheesie toastie

Honey lemon. Baby boy know how much honey to mix in order to have just nice taste. I mixed it myself for the second round, it tasted mehhhh.

The movie " Ah Boy become man " rate 8/10. Funny plus touching. It reminds me of my National Service moment. How we used to hate it so much from the beginning - getting to bond well with each other - do silly thing together - leave the camp with so much memories. ( NS people you should watch this movie! )


Knitted top from Time Square.

Recent love red bag from El Wardrobe.

One more day to go before year 2013. Are you ready ? 

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