Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Supposedly blogging on my new created blog " LIKES & DISLIKE" but I don't know what's wrong with the page. Tried several times key in the new email address for the blog but it direct me to my this blog again. Aiyah, forget it! If you blogders came by to read this, please try this url http://likesanddislikes87.blogspot.com see if it's working and comment under this post to let me know about it.thanx.

Well, it's the kick start of 2013. I didn't really went for a countdown party. A simple one with the baby boy. He came and picked me after his friend's birthday dinner celebration. I thought he will go home straight to rest so I didn't bother to dress up.

Till he parked his car at Mc Donald, Kota Kemuning. I was like " why you didn't tell me we are going out? I should have dress up a little. " Fyi, I was wearing a blue color faded top and a very old brown hawaian shorts. As though I am those animals just ran out from the zoo.FML

Baby boy know I love hot chocolate soooo much. He brought me to Mc Cafe to have a try. Didn't know my baby boy wanted to meet me for tonight, i thought it was just another usual day for him. Countdown to 2013 sounds nothing special to a grown up boy. At least, he made his effort to spend time together with me.

He planned to bring me see fireworks at some area in Putra Height. Unfortunately, we didn't make it cause his cousin said might join us in McD . Till she called and said she is not coming was already 4 minutes to 12a.m. :( We spent our first second of 2013 at petrol station. LMAO He hold and kissed my hand to wish me " Happy New Year dear" on the way drove home.

This morning, baby boy woke up late as usual. We went to have lunch and back to his current leaving soon  place to pack his stuff . He is shifting back to his own apartment with his brother. I am kindda worry I can't click well with his brother under one roof. Too much to be worried no ? Anyway, I told baby boy I wanna get students for tuition on Saturday and Sunday  at his place to earn extra. I think it's a good idea to do so. And yay there's swimming pool at his place, your truly can wear bikini anytime.

Before leaving the house , i took some time to bond with the three little ones.

Caramel the botak was staring at me. She must be thinking " Hello , are you enough of camwhore?"

Onnex the attention seeker. He is always so manja .

Bambi the shy but loudest one. She always gimme her paw paw just so I will sayang her. Adorable!

Accompanied the baby boy to Subang Racquet & Golf Centre . I was a total noob sitting there playing with my Note while seeing him playing with his buddies. I yawned don't know how many time till I lost count. Just not my game ...hahaha.

Baby boy just called and make sure I have my dinner. He is now going for his badminton session.

School reopening tomorrow. I am excited, nervous and happy.
Excited -cause I am back to work don't have so much focus on the boyfriend.
Nervous - cause this would be my first time handling first day of school with parents and new kids.
Happy - cause I get to see my previous class babies.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Before I end this post, some of my new year resolution is to:-
1.earn more spend less
2.travel with boyfriend & family
3.love and appreciate people around me
4.more giving not accepting
5.be considerate - don't argue for small matters

These are what I could think of for now.


  1. Caramel so cute! :D btw happy new yearrr

  2. Kenot masok that blog. Google Chrome can't find it :(