Sunday, January 20, 2013


Baby boy is sick. I didn't get to meet him up for the week. Plus, we got a little argument. Everything was alright. Hope he would recover soon.  I think he is kindda weak, often got fever, flu and migraine. cut down your drinking and smoking. my dear!

Now, i am awaiting for thursday so i could meet him. i told him that i would not ever count down the days i meet him. I lied cause I was totally mad what has done. Nevertheless, I still miss him no matter what. Girl always says yes when it's a no, or the other way round.

I could smell CNY is coming real soon. I still have not shop for my cny clothes. Help pls! I am so worry that I don't have new clothes for this festive. I wanna shop online but my maybank card doesnt work online. damn it! Now i am hoping i could go shopping on this coming week to grab some new stuff.

Actually, I feel like having a great escape to somewhere else for cny. Penang or singapore maybe?
Why penang? No, i m not saying that I  wanna meet my bf's family. What's more he didnt invite takkan i so thick face. Just feel like going to the beach to see sun rise . Lay back and relax before get back to reality . Singapore? cause I wanna go shopping, maybe on the way there I can go hello kitty land in johor.

My this weekends plainly doing nothing but just stay at home. Kindda sad and blue , monday came so fast. I am counting the days to bangkok in march. I wanna shop as much as i can. so for now i need to earn lotsa money to pamper myself. at least, i dun have to worry the price before i grab something.

For now , I need to rush my syllabus since I am a bit left out from the actual one. wish me luck to get over the stress. That's all for my update.

Good night!

Baby boy , i miss you!

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