Thursday, January 3, 2013


School reopen, new babies come to school. Old babies back to the study environment. I couldn't sleep well yesterday night.Rolled on bed for 2 hrs before into dreamland. By the time i get into sleep, it's already mornig.

Hate to wake up early without fully charged. Mood kindda down in the early morning.Moreover, have to put on smiles to welcome parents and students.I don't know how i manage to overcome this negative energy to a positive one.

Well,my afternoon class babies were majority well behave.I am quite confident i can bond with them very.I am sure my babies will love me as well.

Okay, cut off the crap of works.I am now aiming for a polaroid. Wanted to grab one of the hello kitty editions but i changed my mind.I came to a decision for classic black.


Another one is the gorgeous classic vintage film camera.


  1. I think black one is nicer. More classy. But the bigger ones need film that's more expensive. >_________<

  2. well do some self motivation! then u can change from negative to positive! =DD

  3. I would go for polaroid! :D I got myself a polaroid and a film camera too but ended up keep using polaroid ni

  4. Be happy ya Miss Fam!! Hahaha~ *hugs* anything can always talks to me.

    Btw, love both vintage camera!! XD