Friday, February 1, 2013


My life has been so hectic, to be exact is getting old in certain ways.  I don't go clubbing, drinking , nor screening and yam cha anymore. My all time favourite dolling up also no longer existing on me. I feel sad for myself acting like an aunty, going to bed before 12a.m., working day till night, even on a freaking saturday.

I choose to keep myself occupied so that I won't bother my bf for not spending enough time with me. On the other hand, i admit that I have started to be a little money minded. I don't usually go for branded stuff, but sometimes you just have to pamper yourself to live life happier. I do that cause I am lack of kesayangan.

16 January 2013

Finally. bf went and collect the watch i ordered for him from Dealmates. Sorry to say, it has very bad service. Stated collect date but the item has not arrived yet. Nevermind. Promise to post it to two weeks after but didnt. Nevermind. At least, pick up the freaking calls or reply email / tweet for god sake. I will never buy deals from this kindda deal comapany anymore. My supposed to be Christmas gift has become a new year gift. Failed big time*

Kissaten Coffee and Restaurant. Went there with Annie after my tuition class. We were both straving and hungry for food after work. Therefore we went to somewhere nearby to have our dinner. Didn't really like the food served. Our conversation that night was about money, future, work, boyfriend. I could feel that we are now grown up ladies!

 18 January 2012

Receiving more and more tuition. Loving those kids always came out with funny and weird questions. sometimes you just dont know how to give them the answer. Above is the cutie pie + adorable + good looking baby daryl. He is just too cute and I dont even wanna scold him if he is naughty. I am just that love kids you know...

21 January 2013

Rabbit! My sweetheart baby adrisa. Smart and adorable with curly hair . Can utilize her both hands in writing and colouring. The rabbit's ears I bought it from Daiso. To show may babies rabbit has long ears as their chinese text book is learning about tu zi.

22 January 2013

I wasnt feeling on that day after school . Thought of canceling my tuition class. sister and mum surprised me with this watch that I am awaited to buy for so long. It's in white somemore!  I didn't get myself the watch cause I wanted to get my bf one to make him happy . As he always wanted watched as his collection.  However, he still always claim that I dont sayang him enough. :(

I am not a good girlfriend. Always need him to be my chauffeur every friday we meet. I didnt take care of him when he is sick. I cant brighten his day after his whole day stressing work. I did keep in mind that what he likes and surprised him . It's not always bout me. I care for him more than myself. Why can't he understand sometime? :( complicated

Sleepy mode*  Good night!

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