Thursday, February 14, 2013


I wanna scream and shout and let it all out.  It's Valentine's day, you just gonna turn the shit out! Sherry bitch is being quiet cause the boyfriend fall sick. FML. This is our first Valentines and we are not gonna celebrate. Speechless* I have prepared a last minute gift for the boyfriend but I don't think can pass it to him today. So upset :( Facebook and instagram are flooding with lovey dovey pictures, I am jelly.

If i were to say I don't mind, I could be the world's biggest fat liar. Omg, I thought of not blogging about this. My mind and hands just couldn't stop me from this. It was so hardly for me to get into nap this afternoon, after i did.a phone call woke me up. I just wanna sleep through this 24 hrs, please gimme a break. Just don't wake me up! Fucking hate myself being emo. I pretended I am cool with in through the phone with boyfriend. Actually I am not!!!!!!!!!

Tell me where's the music? I feel like head down to club to have fun now. Only mum knows how I felt. When I don't tell or show, it's the pain from the inside which nobody can see. Oh shut up bitch! I am hating myself for posting this nonsense. Valentine's day is not a big deal right? Just another usual day. Oh kill me please....

Back  to the main topic that I supposed to blog about. The third day of chinese new year was kindda laze. Woke up a little late cause only left aunt serene's house we have not visit. She held a simple reunion dinner to gather all of us.

Jewellery top from el wardrobe (fb)
flawless red skirt from el wardrobe (fb)
skeleton black sling bag from el wardrobe (fb)
red wedges from taiwan
gold and black studded bracelet

Nicole (cousin)

Desmond (cousin)

cousin sister on the left and my niece in the middle

So, this was what I have done for the boyfriend  early this morning.

Gather all the "first" time moment pictures.

Compiling all to a big frame with caption stated date and events.

I don't know if I should pass it to him tomorrow cause I find it kindda lame after all. Anyway, he doesn't read my blog. So hell know, it doesn't matter a surprise or not.

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