Saturday, March 16, 2013


Bonjour,  yours truly is back for good. It's been a month I have not blog . I missed how i used to write very often here. My limited time rest doesn't allow me to do so. Actually I am supposed to continue my cny post about chor 9 but i think it's kindda too late to talk bout it. So , I just wanna show up and tell blogders I am doing fine currently. Had a bad past two weeks with the boyfriend, quarrel and argue but we did face to face talk and things has settled. We are doing great now, busy with our own stuff. Only get to meet up on friday and sunday night.

Boyfriend is changing a new job and the office is nearby my stay, which means we get to meet more often for at least dinner on weekdays. Oh ya, got to meet up with his mom yesterday for the very first time. She invited me to join them for dinner tonight but I couldn't make it due to tuition classes. She did ask my bf why I didn't come. Bf said she likes me and ask more bout me during the dinner. Happy to hear that thou.

Next, I will be going to bangkok in counting of 11 days. Excited much! School holiday is coming and yet I am taking a month leave to release stress. That's the reason i told principal in order to gimme escape from one month work and she approved. Thank God! In the month of May, I will be back to school for my babies' examination. Pray hard they do well in their exam. For thr minimum, prove that they are under good guidance.

This was what I drew on a red packet while having tuition class. Sent to the bf and said i found this in the car. He was like "huh"?...haha. It's a love note I always like to receive, and write it cause I meant it. :)

Will update more soon! xoxo

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