Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Day two of chinese new year still visiting relatives around. To be exact, we visit doggies more than people. Almost each and every houses have dog except my second and sixth aunts' crib. Aunt Serene loves Peanuts so much till she really wanted to bring her home. Oh man, I wish I don't have to. :(


Peter Pan collar polka dots top from ferrenheit
Colorful stripes pencil skirts from time square
Wine shape sling bag from kenanga mall

First crib to visit was my second uncle's place all the way to wangsa maju. all my cousin weren't got up yet. only get to catch up with one of them. another entertainment was to play with the dogs. where is the chinese new year gathering environment?

Hello the innocent Peggie!

Second round was to go uncle Simon's place to have reunion lunch. He is such a good cook. We always got offer from him to make us delicious dishes. But the after work is gonna be my cousin whom do the wash up.

Looks good and taste good as well. :)

My niece Chole always stick with me wherever she sees me. Some says we look alike.

At night, we headed to Ampang to visit second aunt. followed by, reunion dinner at shng ri la hotel.

Blue gaga dress from ur-fashion sense (fb)
Black punk and rock heels from taiwan
skeleton sling bag from el wardrobe (fb)
whicte coloe casio baby g watch by sister ( bday present )

* Boyfriend loves me in this dress. He claimed that  blue suits me well. Sexy is what he said. :)*

A group picture of my gorgeous and good looking cousins.

Some of the not-so-sweet desserts.

fortune cookie: everything will now come your way.

Can i get marry at the age of 27 on my birthday 27.11.14? ahem*

The cutie pie -Kaylie ( my niece)

After-dinner-plan, midnight movie with the boyfriend. Actually he wanted to watch his movie, and i wanted to watch the ah niu's cny movie.I know baby boy doesn't understand mandarin so i change another movie in cantonese- Hotel deluxe. Baby being good and lovely , he said its ok to watch my show. We do love each other, just that we don't show. That's how we care I guess. :)

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