Monday, February 11, 2013


First day of chinese new year, woke up early to wish and receive red packets from parents. This year is a little different, as I did give out angpao to my parents and beloved uncles and aunts. Feel great to give them wishes in return , most importantly is to wish them stay pink of health.

My family ain't those very typical traditional kind though. We do believe in certain mentioned by the elderly but didn't follow entirely. We did wash hair on the first day of cny, what's more i washed twice. How could you take it with the stickiness, plus the weather is so freaking hot.

Simply nice red packets from Fblock .

A close up of my bright purple color lipstick. cool no?

My mother is the eldest in the family. Therefore all the uncles and aunties will always come over my house for visit first. I don't usually take cny food alone, only when my cousins are around. There's come the cny new year merrier environment.

I am being a good girl this year. Doctor remind me not to take gassy drinks and cut down on taking oily food. I really follow and I started to dislike sweet food as well. I wonder is my taste bud or aging problem .

Red floral top from Bangkok
Pants from Cotton On
Red thick wedges from Taiwan
Channel sling bag
Gold and Black studded bracelet

 In the evening, we headed to Puchong to visit Aunt Grace and uncle Patrick's family. It was a very long journey. Most of us fell asleep in the car on the way there. This was our first time been to their new shifted place.And not forget is my first time to meet up with my almost one year old nephew, baby Layton.


Hawaii top from Time Square
Purple pencil skirt fro time square
Red Sling Bag from El wardrobe (fb)


  1. hope can take more Angpao this year~ Huat ah!

  2. Love the top & u look very pretty! Here's wishing a Happy CNY & don't forget to enter my latest Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles By Flen!! I'm giving out 10 candles that melt into a nice scented moisturizer!!