Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have been searching for a bright purple color lipstick a week before Chinese New Year. Lucky me , I found it yesterday when I went last minute shopping with my mummy and sister at Watson. Tested many brands , Revlon was my choice.

Ain't the color look so outstanding? I used to hate applying lipstick but now I am getting in love with it.

At night, reunion dinner at my aunt's place in Ampang as usual for every year. Aunt Wendy and Victor came over my place. Yours truly tailed aunty's car behind to drive all the way to Ampang. Wheee~ I can drive! Next it's to remember the route to places and most importantly PARKING.

Since I cut my hair, my boyfriend always tease me that he is dating a man. I think above dolled up prove that short hair can be pretty too. Therefore, I put on a girlish dress to power up my feminine with a simple heart shape chain accessories. 

While Nee and Sze were singing karaoke in the private room, my sister2sister were camwhoring around the garden. This picture was taken in front of a fountain fish pond. I wish to have a beautiful garden in my future house. It would be a rest and relax place for me to chill.

The main dish of the night " Lou Sang".

Followed by dinner. Every year also the same food. I miss how grandpa and grandma were around. All the families will come to my house to have steamboat for reunion.  I wish to gather all my cousins again at my place. It would be more merrier.

Nee & Sze. Love how wavy my hair looks. :)

The four of us. Guess who's the eldest ?LOL

Karaoke session after dinner. I got to sing Teressa Teng's song. satisfied*

My dress is kindda loose for me. I wanna gain weight!!!!

Once again, Gong Xi Fa Chai to my blogders with love.  smile*

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