Thursday, February 7, 2013


I could smell the CNY is coming real soon.  I admit that CNY songs annoyed me a lot. What's more I have to teach my babies to sing. Lame* Red is not the main color I would wear on cny. Dahlah the weather will gonna be freaking hot, plus the redish will make me gone madly hot.

I had a last minute cny shopping last week with my friends. It was a public holiday, traffic was hectic and kl was crowded with human. I dislike shopping seeing people more than I could see what to shop.

So, we went to Sg. Wang. The purpose of me going there is to join the Snap.Shop. Win contest to try my luck if i could win a trip to HK for 2. Unfortunately, I didn't know the contest need receipt in order to submit the application. Tak jadi. :(

I look tall in here!

Long led angled.

Most of my dressing that I bought on that day was  from F block. Just some simple long tee or dress. And a striking yellow pant which I found it look like Kpop star but the bf said "yerrrrr". wth!

There this is the one i mentioned.The yellow pant doesnt really fit my size. The top is so sexy. dont cha think so ?

Another day shopping with Serene in KL again! Pavilion  and time square.

Bare with me . I am recently in love with Kpop fashion. So there goes my colourful pants. I dont give a damn if they look lala on me. I just wanna wear them on!

Dint buy anything for myself that day but i got mummy a new bag for cny. Wanted to buy her  a more striking color bag but I am afraid she doesnt wanna carry . So this is my choice. Simple yet easy to match!

According to some article I read from facebook. My fortune color for this year is green. BUT i didnt get myseld any piece with this color. How now? does it really effect ?


  1. is good to shopping loh~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. I miss shopping with you babe :(