Monday, March 18, 2013


Hey dolly,

today I'm gonna share my experience in trying a new make up method which I refer from a book.

Cotton candy based

To create a softer and purer look.

These are the product i use :

Beauty maker blusher from taiwan
Princess based from bangkok
Kate diamond cut eyeshadows
Mac eyeshadows
Blusher brush
eyebrow pencil from sasa
Heavy rotation eyeliner
Lash Prism mascara

My bare face without any make up . without eyebrows as well. Laugh die me!

First step :
apply skin glow on the skin to make a glowing and dewy based to outstand your features later.

Second step:
apply based powder overall the face.

TIP: use a bigger blusher brush to apply based powder so that it wouldn't create uneven patch,

Third step : brush the lower eyes part with the upper left pearl color to shine up .

Fourth step : use the cotton butt in this eyeshadow case to apply glitter black on lower eyeliner.

Fifth step : draw upper eyeliner according to your eye shape but slightly longer at the end.

Sixth step : brush the blusher around the cheek then brush a little based powder to lower down the tone of pink.

Seventh step : use a candy crush lipstick to outstand the overall soft look as a focus point.

Eight step : apply the white upper right eyeshadow then add on gold glitter on the white shadow.

Lastly : draw eyebrows.
TIP: Never afraid of uneven eyebrows. after apply, u can brush it with eyebrow brush to even up the both side.

These are the pictures of end result :

(Pictures without edit )

Hope it helps you dolly.

XOXO good night. :)

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