Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's me whom getting old or I have lost my fashion sense. I feel that my preference is getting worse ever. I could just go out with my boyfriend with the messy hair look, put on a tshirt and short pants plus a koyak slipper. Gosh! Could you imagine how I look like ? It's worse than an aunty.

I don't wanna be like that okay! I wanna look gorgeous like previously or at least taking care of my image in the public.I used to think I have potential to become a fashion design student but now I am afraid not. I need a total change like seriously.

My job as a teacher really limits me to have a drastic change such as pink hair, spiky studded shoes and purple color lipstick. Could you imagine what kind of reaction will the parents gimme? Sometimes, i just dress a little nice, i will get ------> = _=  this kindda look from other teachers.

I hardly put on make up to school, not even go out with my bf. Now, I don't even go party. So does that mean I have to always show my bare face? i wanna look pretty at least go out with the bf. So, don't gimme the face like " eh , you put on make up today wor.." I will show you = _="

Anyway, this week is the final week to win lee hom's concert  ticket & 2 days accommodation in genting or a getha pillow. Actually, i wish to win the accommodation more than the tickets cause I wanna go there with the boyfriend again!

So, this is my submitted picture with my love caption.

Good nighto!

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