Thursday, April 4, 2013


Taking one month off doesn't seem like resting at all. Yet, I am going to school four out of five days. The most silly thing is that I have to go back for an hour just to take my tuition class. Hello dear principal,do u know what's one month leave ? You should settle it by yourself if you got no enough teachers to replace . Not to push back the blame that cause it is my class and I have to settle it. Don't you know that corporate also face the same problem , and the head of in charge will ask someone else to take over those workload. How if i take one month leave and go overseas? Is that mean i have to fly back for your class. Crazy!

Nowadays, the weather is effing annoyed. It cause my temper hotter, dress lesser and grounded myself more in the room. Dahlah Malaysia is so hot , but my trip to bangkok make me loves my country even more in terms of the weather. To be exact , Malaysia were 34 .c and bangkok were burning around 36.c. How i wish I could just dress bikini out to town for the entire trip. Thanx to my dear boyfriend for willing to send me to the airport. Due to it was school holiday, the car park were fully parked. Had no choice but to park further and walk to the airport. Luckily I have my man to help me carry my luggage. :)

Excitedly flying for an hour plus. All i did was sleep cause I don't wanna the same thing happened to me when i was flying to taiwan. Puked twice when i was almost reach my destination. Nah... not again!

First day landed in bangkok around 5pm, took us an hour to reach Citin Platinum hotel due to the hectic jam. Though it was a budget hotel with simply nice and comfortable interior. Television channel were provided with not only Thai series but also some chinese series by astro. Fret not worry about the socket that with only two headed, the hotel have both 3 headed and 2 headed to convenient your gadget charging. Plus point* Located within walking distance to Platinum Mall.

Twin bed room

After washed up, we headed to Platinum mall to fill up our hungry tummy. By the time , we finished dinner and wanted to start shopping spree ... All the shops started to close. It was only 8pm at that time. I wonder what and where these people normally do when the mall close so early.

Night view from the bridge.

Hungry ghost gonna start noming the dinner.

Since the mall shut so damn early, we walked around the night market that nearby the mall.

This was what that caught our attention.  Printed frame clock. Those picture were so artistically beautiful. You just have to choose which frame you want, and they will help u to fix the clock's hands and numbers on the picture.

Nothing much to buy as I already shop a lot from online blogshop. Hence, theses were the sum up for the night.

Heineken twisted bottle
Two printed frame clocks
Red pelpum top.

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  1. I love the printed frame clock. I went Bangkok twice but didn't stumbled upon this.