Sunday, April 7, 2013


Supposed to write about my Bangkok day 2 blogpost but laziness of sorting out the pictures and at the same time of the blogging mojo makes me wanna update a little tonight.

Been buying many clothes and attire from online blogshop. Unfortunately, some of them are a bit too big and loose for me. Hence, I decided to sell off with reasonable price instead of keeping in my wardrobe to grow mushroom.

All items are only one piece and it's brand new.If any of you are interested can contact me through email : or write a comment bellow this post or whatssap me at 0162027421.

Orange elastic skirt  ( free size )
Suitable for office or dinner wear.
RM42 (including postage)

Buberry skirt . (free size)
Suitable for normal outing .
RM 32 ( including postage)

Long sleeve floral top. (free size)
Suitable for casual outing.
RM 35 ( including postage)

Colorful beats dress. ( best fit size S and M )
Suitable for dating.
RM 45 (including postage )


Light sweet pink pearl dress.
Suitable for dating.
RM 45 ( including postage)


Floral top and skirt ( one set - best fit size M and L)
Suitable for casual outing.
RM 65 ( including postage )

Thick material blue dress. (best fit size S and M)
Suitable for cold weather.
RM 42 (including postage )

Sleeveless colorful beats beige top.( best fit Size S and M)
Suitable for casual.
RM 28 ( including postage )

Price can be negotiable .  :)

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