Monday, April 8, 2013


Good morning lovelies,we girls woke up quite early around 7.15 am Malaysia time to get ready for a whole day journey. Dressed up decently in order to get ourselves in some particular places that we gonna visit. Felt a little uncomfortable and uneasy to wear long sleeves and pants , overall wrapped up annoyed the mood of traveling.

With three of my lovely ex-unimates.

Breakfast at Mc Donald.  
Didn't get to taste the pork burger again cause it was breakfast set that provided in the morning. :(

Done with breakfast , we were ready for our outing. Decided to take a whole day cab service instead of tuk tuk to bring us around. The charges is 1200 baht from 8am-8pm. We don't know if it's costly but rather then going nowhere else.

First destination - Shaung Boat Pier ( Floating market )
An hour plus to go there plus an hour plus to go round the river.
Charges 1000baht per person. Expensive!!!

We got into a lousy boat which the engine got stuck and cause it move slowly.

View along the river. Could see old wooden living houses, shoplots and stalls.Varieties of souvenir selling alongside but quite pricey thou  . The most interesting part was some food selling on boat and visitor could order and enjoy the food on their  boat on another side. Eating on boat sounds romantic but I would never wanna try their food due to hygiene and cleanliness. 

Second destination - Wat Pho Ho & Wat Arun (temples)

Beautiful , tall and shinning architecture .The most interesting part was donate 20baht and take a bowl of coins on top of the donation box. Hold the bowl and put those coins one by one along the black bowl until the end. Some of them finished putting the coins till the end , but mine still left a lot. I wonder is to put all into the last bowl or leave it on the table. Anyway, for good blessing. :)

Took another bigger open -air boat to cross over to another end for another  temple visiting. Temples are nearby one to another.Really shouldn't have wear long sleeves and pants, the weather was melting us to zero.

In the evening, we went back to hotel to wash up and planned to go to Plantinum mall earlier this time. Unlucky us again, all the shops close an hour early than yesterday. We didn't manage to buy anything. What to do? Night market again!

Street artist drew the cartoon version of me on the shirt for 350baht. Embarrassing moment where all the passer by look at you as though you are some kindda weirdo . The artist looks like Jacky Chan or not?  Proud to let Jacky Chan draw me, somemore with his signature on the shirt.

End the day by dinner at Hong Kong style. My friend said that Coke in Thailand taste better with more gas. Is that true or grass on the side is greener? LOL


  1. From that angle the artist kinda resembles Jackie Chan!

  2. So cute the tshirt with the cartoon version of you! Is it just outside the platinum shopping mall? :) And he does really look like Jackie Chan!

  3. lol the donation into the bowl is like playing congkak! lol

  4. they are really good in drawing, you look exactly like the drawing on your shirt.