Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I wasn't a fan of t-shirt before this till I met this boyfriend. My boyfriend prefer me to keep it low profile and dress simple.Hence, when I am with him , you could see me in t-shirt most of the time and without putting on make up.Sometimes, attending some events by wearing mini pants, he will comment like my mom but in a joking way " yerrr... wear so short. "

Recently, kpop and japanese whatsoever trends are hit with big wording printed t-shirt. A simple tee with wording and drawing will never go wrong with any bottom match. This is why I started to like t-shirt so much. Used to like tight and fit tee but for now i would rather go for big and loose one.

These are some of my current love mix and match.

Cartoon printed big loose tee from bangkok. 
Matched with black leather skirt from online blogshop.
Supposed this tee was chosen for my sis but she prefer another one so is mine now.

Human  skeleton flower head bone tee from bangkok.
Match with colorful pencil skirt or string yellow pant.
Just simply match will create a whole new different overall look.

Hollywood wording printed top from online blogshop.
Boy cap from online blogshop.
To create a more sporty look after match with sport shoes.

Because of this, I lao kai with the boyfriend  . How ridiculous was I. But, I really wanna go ahhh!

Yes, you guess it right is none other than my man Jay Chou is coming to Malaysia in August for his tour concert. I have missed  the previous one so I am definitely going for this. The boyfriend already took a step back and offered to go with me but only for the rm180 seat. The ridiculous girlfriend showed face and plan to buy rm430 seat. Considered the whole night should I get the rm180 or rm430, in the end i go for rm430. Couldn't make it to Sogo for the queue, luckily managed to get my tickets through online. Thanx to the help of one of my friend whom is Jay Chou fans as well. August pls come fast oh!

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