Sunday, April 14, 2013


 Yesterday night, boyfriend and I went to Midvalley.  Had a look in toy 'R' us to check out toys before our movie. As usual, the boyfriend will go to the Marvel section to see his Iron Man stuff. His happy expression of looking at those toys makes me feel like there's a kid living in him. ( Seldom i could see him act like this thou)Before the movie, some preview of new coming movies was played. The boyfriend got so excited when the Iron Man 3 trailer was shown on the screen. So, being a girlfriend, I could do whatever in my ability best to make him happy.

This morning, first thing I woke up is to check out Nuffnang blog if there's any new movie screening contest I could join. What make me excited is that " Iron Man 3" contest is up! Without thinking twice, I have decided no matter what, I must try my luck to get this tickets for my boyfriend.The contest is about redesign the suit for Iron Man.  From words, it's kindda difficult to express what I am trying to describe. Hence, I did a little drawing. Sorry, for my ugly sketches. I am no natural born with drawing talent. 

Well, I don't really know what's the characteristic of Iron Man. All i know is that, he is a hero made by iron. (Yeah, wth right!) The original color of his suit is red and gold but i have give him a total change in my way. The idea of changing to purple and green is that, the pronunciation of "iron" always came across to my mind as "onion" . So, the theme of green and purple eventually appears on him. ( Bear with my naive thinking)

Name for this man would be  U-nion Man. Although, onion is where i got the idea for the whole concept but no way im gonna simply named it. With a more stable and tough name, "U-nion". He is the man that unites the good and destroy the bad to create a harmony world. 

He doesn't have to speak much when comes to protect the victims. U-nion man has a pair of red eyes to scan around, when he sense bad , his eyes will grow redder to generate power all over his body. The heat from the body will move up right to the helmet and when it's ready the red button on the forehead will light on. This man is then up for his show!

The both left right green piece on this head is work as a headphone for him to hear what's the bad thinking for the next step. U-nion Man will plan directly from what he received and deliver a strategic way to go against the bad.

U-nion Man most important weapon of course is onion. He will always carry onion along when he is out to rescue the world. With this little hot and spicy thing, he can attacks the bad's eyes foremost. When eyesight is blocked, it is easy for U-nion Man to do his job.

In return, U-nion Man can ask the bad to plant more onion as their punishment after settled the fight.  The more onion as outcome, the more powerful U-nion Man can scare away the bad to create a better world with harmony.

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