Saturday, June 8, 2013


Can you believe that i have not go for any facial in my life time? It must be the bigger joke ever for a girl. Every girl loves to look pretty and being compliment as one. But, I don't really bother much about it though.

I used to think that all those facial products are some commercial to convince ladies to spend more. Cause it's always easy to convince women to spend on unnecessary stuff. Till recently, I feel like my skin is getting dry and look older.

The negative perception has gone. I am started to worry why I look so different from previously. Due to work stress, emotional unstable and all sort of challenging happened in life. I cant deny that I really suffer, neither do my skin is screaming for help.

I'm no longer 18 or 20 years old, I am almost 30 but minus 4 from it. Still I feel kindda tense to see myself look older than my actual age. I just couldnt accept. On the other hand, my boyfriend is doing great in keeping himself look young.

One day, the boyfriend and i went to the mall . he wanted to grab something from watson, and i decided to grab some facial product. I tell myself , it's really time to do something . No more laziness! While the boyfriend busy choosing his, I walked around to have a look.

I came into this product name Skinz Infinite. The packing of the products attracted me at first Elegant black with purple, simply simple. I opened the tester to have a quick smell . I love it! so I decided to buy the cleansing foam and moisturizer.

Deep Moist Cleansing Foam

* soap free

The reason I like bout this foam is because after you wash your face using it. Take a cotton to wipe your face, you can see all the dirt stain on it. Just too miracle to see immediate result.

Youth recall moisturizer

* smooth and supple complexion

Scared to reveal your true age? The name says it all- youth recall.  This is for day time use. Protect your skin under the sunnies.

Was struggling to get between the day or night  one? the boyfriend being rational -  buy the day moisturizer is better as it wont wipe off compared to night one .

Price for the products are quite reasonable as well. Both cost rm54 in total. On shelf product, easy to purchase.

Just a share for those ladies out there who are lazy bum bum like me. Just two steps wont take you much time. :)

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