Saturday, July 6, 2013


Been hiatus for quite some time and abandon this column till dead. Just wanted to start blogging and find out that my Logitech bluetooth keyboard which i have used only twice is spoil due to the carelessness of me for not taking care of it. I hate to do extra work by sending back stuff for warranty because you have to issues this and that and you might not get a back a new one though.

A recent picture of me. Ya , I look older and exhausted. Too much in my mind, all I could do is to make use of work to keep myself occupied. Git Mr.Brown for rm90 , though it's a bit not worth price. I am hugging this big head to sleep evey night without failed.

Went to visit Peanut last sunday. This was the dog i adopted but mummy has no enough time to take care of both yoyo and peanut. so, i gave peanut to my cousin instead. It's been 3 months I have not see her, she grown bigger. Sad thing was, she couldn't recognize me anymore. I will always miss and visit her more often just she remembers me.

The real life Mr. Brown bought me this week McD despicable me 2 toys. I didnt expect he will passed to me by putting them at my gate , text me to go out to take it.  I was so happy cause whatever I mentioned he would remember and do for me. I really appreciate what he done for me , never once he ask for return.

My next aim is to get the plushie . shoo cute and irresistible !

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