Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey shorty ! Do not worry on trend fashion don't suits ya size. There's always something you could carry and outstanding yourself. Current hitto would be the crop top which I am in loved shooo much. I think this trend is brought up by the Kpop yet again , never forget it always comes with striking and attractive colors.

Last sunday, i was too free and bored at home. I dig out my cosmetic to apply some make up and try two pieces of my top that I bought but never worn before. It's been a while i have not seen myself in make up. So, i wanted to find back my true self.

Sexy purple lips is the center of attraction with light eyes make up.

#Floral crop top

One thing I like bout crop top is that , it could always show your body shape perfectly.Besides that, a petite would look taller for the illustration angle.

# Army boy crop top
Can u see the curve? Eleh.. getting perasan. I am finding the right event to wear these out. I'm no longer a party queen. Wonder when could i have the chance to put on this.

More fashion post coming up soon !

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