Sunday, July 21, 2013


It is almost end of sunday, and I haven't yet do any of my school work. Disaster really hits this time, I am a very last minute person. Still lazing around, rather blog instead of finishing the work. Feel meh~

Yesterday, I canceled off all my tuition classes due to laziness again. The mood just not right. Collected passport early in the morning , then headed to kepong to have my hair do.

It took about two hrs plus to complete my hair make over. Although it was quite some time, the end result wasn't that bad than I expected.You would never believe an 60 years old plus aunty could do this!

Finally, there's a hair stylist that understand what is thick fringe . Is like forever you describe a hairstyle and the end result is not what you wanted or ask for it.

The front side is long and the back is bob head. The hair stylist also helped me to color my hair for twice to get the even ash brown color. Love my hair so much now !

Mummy say after this hair color, I do not look like chinese anymore. I also feel that with short hair putting headband is much more nicer.

Oh ya, the price for cutting and color is only rm60. super duper worth it! I will definitely go back there for sure!

On that day itself , I received these minions from someone. Without sweat and blood, I got them easily. Pity his tummy for taking so much happy meal.

In return , I drew him this. Thank you Mr. Secretive!

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  1. RM60 is definitely worth it and I like your thick fringe! :D