Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wanted to blog about my genting trip but there's a sourish feeling in me looking back those pictures. Things could change so fast without you expected. It wasn't your fault , sometimes you just have to bare with the consequences. Sigh...

If I told you I wasn't sad, I am totally lying. But, what can I do besides move on? He has been doing great I guess. Lighten his burden , avoid from the annoying words from me. He might have new girl with new life. Who knows?

Aside from that,  there is also things that cheer ma a little.


Bought a new baby g watch again. Light purple square shape. Cost almost rm350. Still think that the previous white is better and more worth than this.

Hello kitty circus set has arrived. that cost me rm 280. Mummy asked me " when can u grow up ahhh? " Mum, you just have to understand these are the things can cheer me up for temporary.

Visited my friend' 3 months old baby. I was glad that I have this friend who always stand by here with me when I am not happy or facing problems. She will always stand out and protect me from getting hurt. Like the feeling when the tiny little hand holding my big hand.

Lastly , wanna have a survey of this question.What's age gap can u accept within you and your partner?  Do comment below.