Monday, August 5, 2013


Times flies, august is here! What had happened already past. Don't wanna mention about it.
Someday, somewhere, someone will realize to fix this broken heart. Life still move on.
Guess what? Yours truly has attended jay chou's concert and bought his album as well. wheee~
( will blog about the concert in another post)

Last friday was public holiday in pj, my two teacher friends and I headed down to times square to shopping. Yay!finally can get rid of having money but no time to spend issue. It's killing me to always sit right in front of the computer to do online shopping but not at the mall.

We three "never grown up" kids went for Despicable me 2. I was quite excited for the movie since everyone who watch have good comments bout it. Not until I watched--- I almost fall asleep while watching it, maybe I am too old to enjoy this kindda cute cartoon.

Before the movie, I bumped into my best friend. I was all excited to snap a picture with him.

Actually I was quite afraid this huge Mr.Go will move or touch my head. If it did so happened, I will run like madness woman .LMAO

Had lunch in my all time favourite restaurant --BBQ plaza.  Then we did some shopping spree.

Teacher Yang, Leong and Fam RM10 watches. Can you guess which is mine?

Levis black is mine.

Long spotted nerd tee. Finally it's mine!

Didn't spend much that day cause time square has become a more to malay fashion mall. Maybe due to raya I guess .

Next post gonna be Jay chou concert. Stay tuned!