Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am glad that I am back here to jot down some words and thoughts. I had realized that I only blog once a month which makes the space so dull. This little space inspired and motivated me to continue my work later after finishing this post.

Back to the main concern of this post, it's about - Jay Chou Opus World Tour-!  Couldn't believe that days pass so quick. It seems like it was just yesterday I was so nervous that I couldn't purchase the tickets through online , friends helped me to purchase on behalf , planning to go with my loved one ended up didn't happen , till the actual day I went with someone else.

I am very grateful that I have found him that always care and love me eventhough I always merajuk for nothing, being princessy but he will never hope for any returns. Not to blame that he might think I am taking a little advantage of him cause he has done a lot for me. I feel love and care that I have not felt before this.

That day around 5pm, we departed from our place to Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil. I still remembered clearly the scene that I drove to his place, the smile put on his face to show how happy he saw me. I really felt love at that moment. My friend whom a big fans of Jay arrived there around 4 and kept voice over on wechat to rush me over. He even made the biggest joke told me that the concert gonna start an hour early.

We reached there around 6pm or 7pm . Then i straight way went and find my friend in case he did really sell off my tickets to somebody else. I am  definitely gonna cry out loud at the entrance due to missing the chance to see my beloved jay chou. Before the concert start, we walked around the compound to see what sort of events, games and merchandise were selling. And I finally got my self jay chou's latest album. He then went to find the pink light sticks that printed with Jay Chou OPus wording on it cause I asked for it.

Something to show off and get exciting by posting on facebook before the concert.

Clicked like on Sogo KL page in order to get the poster and fan. When we enter the stadium  only found out that the light stick was provided on each and every seat.

See the huge crowd that was waiting to see Mr. Jay!

The only picture I took that night. Regretted for not getting myself a nice camera. Luckily he brought his. He was being so good to capture pictures of the night for me. Jay Chou started the concert with the song -最后的战役。

Picture credit to Catherine Ang from MyFm. Three days continuous of concert makes Jay look so exhausted and weak, nevertheless the performance was still up to standard. The background and stage set up were welly done. I liked the wooden piano the most , what's more with the prince playing with it.

He sang quite a list of songs like 不能说的秘密, 一路向北,可爱女人,双截棍,世界末日,晴天 and also his new movie rooftop movie acting scene. Cindy Yuen was the special guest performance of that night, undeniable she has a good voice compare to Jolin Tsai. ( Just my individual preference. Jolin's fans please don't spam me after this)

The concert ended quite early not even 11pm , almost 10.50pm.  It concluded with big balls fun throwing and rolling among the audience with some fast beat songs. Nothing really amazed me that night but overall it was a not bad performance and night spending with someone that love you . :)

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