Sunday, August 25, 2013


Okay , I am quite sleepy right now even though is still early. Feel like staying in and relax just watching a movie with someone together before i go to bed.

Today, i came across this problem that I went through and I wanna jot a few words about it. I used to only have temporary jobs such as part time tutor , blogger and online cblogshop. My income was not stable.

I felt a lot of stress by hearing so many criticise from people around me as though I was the most uselese creatures in the world. The reasonwhy I didn't want to step out from my comfort zone to work cause I was so afraid to the outside world. I could'nt imagine what's there outside to take challenge.

As much those tease and insutls bother me, i tried my best to adapt the outside world. Went trough few jobs but I wasn't happy with all of it till I found this job as a kindergarten teacher. Seeing kids come to school willing and happily , makes my day better each day.

Today I went to giant with cousins and mom. I felt so proud that I could offer my mom money when she said she didn't bring enough money out. Besides, I could spend my own money by buying things I want without asking  from mom. It really feel so great.

Compared to last time , I was so carefree. WHen people work, I am lazying at home blogging or online see who can hang out with me. This kindda life was uselees and dumb. When people were working, you are finding excuse for yourself to not grow up.Not only that, parents will be very worry and speechless at the same time ,even though thet didn't express but you can feel it. The heartache and words they heard from people, that make them so worry and sad.

Besides that, I find that if you do't work, you will make yourself more tired. Why? Cause you didn't have a productive day like others have and you just stay in the house doing nothing.How sad and pathetic for a youngster. Go out and explore more challenges and people , yu will find out things are not easy but interesting.

This is based on my real experince. That's why I don't hope to see any of my friends go through the same thing like me. It's time to wake up and realize you have to grown up. Stop giving yourslef excuse. It will make people hate you more and think you are wasting time standing on this earth!

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