Monday, September 2, 2013


Dear dollies, how was your merdeka day have been spent? Mine was absolutely productive enough to called it a day. I was proud to be invited to Mary Quant workshop at Muse, Sunway Pyramid . Thanks to Manoah for giving me the precious opportunity to join this experience.

The event starts at 10.30am , we girls arrived earlier to be well prepared . Registered ourselves and look around on shelf Mary Quant product for pre- knowledge about their products before the demonstration began.

Mary Quant is a fashion creator who is famous for inventing the miniskirt. Her think-outside-the box approach and outrageous fashion sense and designs caused  a revolution, not only in her own country , the United Kingdom , but also worldwide.

See the candilicous colors varieties of Mary Quant cosmetics. It is so irresistible and make you fall in love even more for them. How I wish i could grab them all home to paint my face differently each day according to my daily mood .

Ms. Takaki flew all the way from Japan to Malaysia to gave us the tips and demonstrate the way of putting on make up. As I could see the demonstration  was more to a natural beauty soft look instead of  what we malaysian always prefer a heavier obvious look. 

I personally love more soft and natural image. It could bring out a more true -to-self look. Don't like to create the reputation that before and after putting on make up is totally two different people. This will scare all the guys away.

After the session, we were allowed to ask Ms.Takaki for advise. I was facing this problem all this while which is " I have no eyebrows."Even though if i drew on, sometimes it looks unbalance. She helped me to draw and explain to me the way to draw it.

I personally quite attracted to this special recipe skin care series. The function of natural essence such as chamomile, daisy,rosemary, wild thyme, and honey, which have been popular in Europe from old times were reviewed from modern perspective and were combine to original recipe. I will definitely give it a try after I have finished my current facial set.Will make a review post about it then.

Colourshine  For Lips ( Lip  Gloss ). There are eight beautiful shades for this gloss such as champagne shine, apricot shine, milky shine, cherry shine, sunflower shine, rosy shine, nougat shine, burgundy shine. It create a smooth and beautiful texture on lips, delivering a long -lasting, beautiful finish.

Blush baby ( power cheek blush). There are fourteen colors to choose from. To create an overall natural look, blusher play a very important role. If too much, it would look like clown, if too little will look pale.This Mary Quant blush baby series fulfilled what Asian dollies concern, by creating just nice and natural velvety cheeks.

Eye opener ( powder eye shadow).  Girls always speak with their eyes with the power of make up. If  applied correctly , it brings out right message, if not it turns up the other way round. Mary Quant  eye shadow would be the best choice for different personality dollies. Punk , rock, girl next door, all that you could mention, you could be!

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