Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have been missing this place for thousand year. Look ! When was the last updated i posted ? It was a month ago. My determination of blogging is not firm enough like others to keep updating often. This space has become my roller-coaster ride, it has up and and down moment, nevertheless I am still alive. Wind couldn't blow me away, rain couldn't make me sick and sun won't make die of hotness.

Long awaited Johor trip has gone well. My wish has finally come true. So blessed and happy like a kid. Couldn't really sleep well a day before and woke up early to pack my luggage. Scramming for excitement!

The morning look of mine. :)

Edwin was my chauffeur of the trip. I was being princess, to be exact a pig in the car. Not forgetting to blast his dearest Lee Hom's songs, though I am not his fans but once a while listening to it is fine for me.I am still Jay fans! 
Checked in to the hotel and headed for lunch. Straight away headed to my dream Hello Kitty town after that. Following would be all pictures spam, please bare with me. It shouldn't be annoyed if you are a Hello Kitty fans.

Right after the entrance , there's Red Bow Cafe to dine.

We were given an activity card in order to complete all the challenges provided in this pinkish town.

Adorable Melody was there to take pictures with us.

We sat on a nonfunctional spinning Hello Kitty cuppie.

Station 1 : Painting lesson
Strawberry jam and chocolate sauce as the painting material for kitty face.
Edwin's kitty is on the left, he can paint much better than me. ish!

I forced Edwin to exchange his cookie with me for photo.LOL! 
The butter cookie taste bery nice.

Station two : Nail painting with hello kitty sticker paste on
Edwin helped me to put on all the stickers on nails.Regretted that I didn't buy the picture that the photographer took while Edwin doing the nails for me. The seriousness of his look has been capture.

Station three : Kitty and friends around the world.

Station four : Treasure hunt
Clue were given all along to find 4 alphabet in order to save kitty.
Our answer was B.L.A.C.K and I scored an A , received a hello kitty cert. :)

Station five : Color beats to form a hello kitty face padding
It took some time to finish up this thing. Each an every one are allowed to only spend 20 minutes on it, in order to let other visitor to take turns come and patch up all the beats.

Kitty family portrait

Princess kitty bed.

Wardrobe with bulky bag and clothes.

A well decorated kitchen.

Simple white dining area.

Lastly, a human Hello Kitty . :)

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