Saturday, November 9, 2013


Last Saturday, I attended Hennessy Artistry at MIECC with Serene. I was all excited cause it has been half a year I have not attend any parties. Work life makes me stay away from night activities. I feel myself getting older. Supposed to go shopping to get myself a suitable dress. However, i decided dig out all my N years back party dresses. Then only i realized quite a lot of it I couldn't fit in anymore. In the end, I still pick the khaki one that I think I always look good in it. Aisheh!

Applied make up in different method. I like the overall turned up, especially the purple lips. :)

With the VIP invitation, we are reserved to Zone O which was nearer to the stage view. Awesome!

Photobooth to prove that we were there for this happening event!

The pretty Jessy Long asked if I still could recognize her. Of course I do!

With Yuki whom look gorgeous in red. I was a bit tipsy when I talked to her. I remembered I told her that " I am hungry!". LOL

Girls generation. woots!

Isaac was one of the photographer that night.

Some of the familiar faces.

I went back early that night. Nevertheless, I was happy to catch up with the bloggers friends. Hope to have more free time to join them for other events soon!

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