Friday, November 15, 2013

TEA PARTY 15.11.2013

Hurray! It has finally completed the entire year of school days. I am happy that I could have one and a half month rest, at the same time i am sad cause two of my students will be going to Damansara branch for next year studies.Two are my most sayang dearies. I am so not willing to let them go.

Today's school started early at 11 a.m. and ended at 1p.m. I was all excited to dress and doll up a little to school with a simple black top and a red cloudy skirt.Teachers all aid I looked a little different cause I add on some "paints" on my face.

It's the last day which also mean farewell for those six years old students. I get to know them from dancing practice and some from my previous five years old class. Whenever they see me and call me " Miss Fam" , my heart will feel melted and smile to them as a reply. No matter how naughty they behave, I will scold them for a while and smile to them in the next minute. That is why my students are like my buddies. They are not afraid of this teacher.

Le Jie is one of the random morning session students that always greet me whenever she sees me

The sisters that I find pretty and adorable . Chole the baby  and Chelotte, used to be my chinese tuition students.

Yi Li, a slow warm up yet a sweet little manja that I sayang.


Another pair of sisters. Don't they look alike .

See the little princess with her while lacey dress.

My class 1A babies were happily enjoying their food.


My Do Re Mi Fa So La Di Do ~

  I am grateful to have Mrs. Citra as my partner.

 My previous 1A students Shawn, Joel and Oswell have grown up a lot. So proud of them.

Jamie, I get to know her from dancing practice. Such a sweet and lovely girl.

Holiday started does't mean I allow myself to be lazy. My schedule for tuition has arranged fully from Monday to Friday. I can't wait for school reopen to welcome my new babies.

Till then I hope I will blog more often to keep this space alive. Nighto!

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