Saturday, November 16, 2013


The Swedish superstar -Avicii live in Malaysia on this 30th November 2013 for a massive year-end- party at Sepang Welcome Centre KL. Confirmed line up including ....

Bass Jackers




 Venue : Sepang Welcome Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Date : 30th November 2013
Early Bird Tickets available on Aug 23 & 24 (11am-6pm) only @ Rockcorner The Gardens, Mid Valley (Tel: 03 – 2201 4893)
Ticket Price : Early Bird ONLY RM89 | Presale RM109 | Door Sale RM129
Early Bird Tickets available on Aug 23 & 24 (11am-6pm) Only! Only @ Rock Corner The Gardens, Mid Valley (Tel: 03 22014893)
Terms & Conditions: ONLY available on Aug 23 & 24 (11am-6pm) ONLY available at Rock Corner The Gardens, Mid Valley Tickets are LIMITED! - First come first serve! Each person is limited to purchase 10 tickets. Credit Card payment fees: 4,5% + RM1.50 per Ticket.
Cash payments: NO additional charges!

5 best reasons as why Nuffnang should choose me to party with them at Avicii  Sepang International Circuit. 

1. My birthday falls on  27th November few days before the rave. I secretly wish  
    that Nuffnang will surprise me to be one of the 6 lucky winners to join this
    rocking party with them. I would be happy if I get to received this precious 
    early birthday gift.

2. As a teacher, I always have to show myself in good manner and behavior in 
    front of the students. How about my wild side? I have been keeping it for 
    almost a year. It's time to release ! Party doesn't mean you are not well 
    behave, it shows that you know how to balance up the both wild and good 
    manner at the same time. Teachers do rock ya!

3. This event falls on a Saturday. Apart from the normal same old outing such 
     as movie or tea. Why not add in some hot and spicy into your weekend. By 
     dressing up as hot as you could to impress the public. Who knows there will
     be surprise waiting you there! My friend circle is too narrow, I wanna widen 
     up and know more people.

4. It's been a long time I have not update my blog. Even though if I update is 
     also all about my personal lifestyle. To make my blog more catchy, i think 
     best to get myself back to happening events and write more exciting post.
     This event could be a good start to motivate me back on track.

5. Most importantly reason is I wanna see Avicii performing live for sure. Duh! 
     Who doesn't want? I read some blogs that it was a long queue when they
     open up for public to purchase early birds tickets. That's why I am trying 
     luck here to gain myself the invites. I am praying hard for it this time.

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